The vowels (las vocales)

Lesson 1

This post is very important, if you do this properly your Spanish pronunciation will be much better than the average foreigner. I have met a lot of people who speak Spanish fluently but most of them have a very strong English accent and that makes them difficult to be understood by some native speakers. You won’t have this problem if you follow this instructions verbatim.

The reason why I am avoiding writing in Spanish is because I don’t want you to pronounce the words the “English way”.

In English you have about 12 different phonemes (sounds) for the vowels even though there are only 5 letters, how you manage to do that I don’t know but in Spanish is different. There are 5 letters and 5 sounds! just that! No exceptions! So listen to them and repeat them often until they stick in your mind.

Use this video for that or similar ones you can find in Youtube:

The pronunciation is very clear-cut, very simple, in fact too simple for you English speakers, that’s why often you’ll be tempted to add sounds where there shouldn’t be any.

This lesson is boring I know, but every minute you spend perfecting this now will save you hours later on and the final result will be worth it. From now on the lesson will be more fun I promise!

So do the vowels 100 times in 5 to 10 minute sessions and forget the English vowels forever!

Good luck!

See you in lesson 2!


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