Verbos I

Ok here go with another lesson. This one is about some of the most useful verbs. Verbs are very important to learn at the beginning of any language course because knowing just a few gives you fluency much quicker.

Of course nouns and adjectives are important also but somehow is easier to find a substitute for these and much harder to express yourself without verbs.

Again this course is trying to avoid the written word as much as possible so we are going to use pics to convey the meaning.

To begin with we have 12 verbs, 4 in each row, from left to right and from top to down these are the english words:

to ask, to help, to bring, to buy

to call, to clean, to come, to cook

to cry, to dance, to drink, to eat

There is a reason why we don’t place the English words next to the pics and that is that we want you to get used to avoid written words even English ones. When you look at these pics twice you’ll be able to recognize what they mean without reading it. That will put you in a better position to memorize the Spanish word. By associating pictures with sounds helps memorization and avoids mispronunciation.


So this is today’s lesson, it is best to listen to the words an often at the beginning and less often as time goes by i.e. the first day listen and repeat these 12 verbs once every hour, the second day once every 2 hours and so on. This method of critical frequency really improves retention in the long run.

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